How to get Tabbar to resize when holding a Grid with subrows

I have a dhtmlxTabbar where one of the tabs contains a Grid which contains Subrows.

My problem occurs when I expand several subrows. The bottom of my grid becomes no longer visible because the Tabbar does not resize, neither do scroll bars appear.

How do I get the Tabbar to resize itself after a subrow expands or collapses?

I’ve tried mygrid.attachEvent("onSubRowOpen", function() {tabbar._setSizes()}); but that doesn’t seem to work. I have enabled AutoSize in my tabbar.

have you used the attachGrid method to create grid or grid is initialized in the container that is inside a tabbar ?

Grid is initialized in the container that is inside the tabbar.

If autoSize is enabled, you may try to use the following:

mygrid.attachEvent("onSubRowOpen", function() { tabbar.cells(tabId).autoSize(); /*tabId is the id of tab with grid*/ });

Thank you, that worked.