HOw to get the non-obfuscated versions of dhmlxscheduler js


We are trying to modify the dhtmlxscheduler.js and/or dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js to customize the lightbox to have additional components. We noticed that the js files are obfuscated.

We downloaded the dhtmlxscheduler from the website and unzipped it. We are looking at the js files in the folder “dhtmlxScheduler\codebase” and “dhtmlxScheduler\codebase\ext” and noticed that the js/css files here are obfuscated.

How can we get the original js/css files which will help us to modify OR can we declare and define the new components in init() method. If so, what are the steps?

We will appreciate your reply which can help us to move forward.



Original source code is included in the package as well. Please check “dhtmlxScheduler\sources” folder.

The compressed code is supplied in the package only to increase performance of loading of Javascript files.

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Thanks for the information.
We also noticed that when we add a dhtmlcombo component, it is showing an error.
Error: document.getElementById(F[A].id) is null

The file included is dhtmlxcombo.js
Are we missing any include files here? Can you please throw some light on this?

We were able to find the issue from your doc - … tails_form

Thanks for the assistance

Terence George