how to get the original style back to row/col once the style


i need to check whether the value in a particular column in a grid is zero and highlight that col in red color. Once i give some valid number the col color should reset to original as it was before. For that I have done using onEditCell event function like bellow.

But the problem is…

1) On mouse over of row, selected row style is applying only for rest of the non edited cells…

2) On mouseover of style is not apppering for edited cell.

if(grid.cells(rowidx, COL_ID_QTY).getValue()==‘0’)






backgroundColor = “#ffffff;”;

if(grid.getRowIndex(rowidx)*1%2) backgroundColor = “#edeae0;”; // Checkes for row color from alternate row colors

grid.setCellTextStyle(rowidx,colidx,“background-color:”+backgroundColor); // Sets back to original color.

grid.selectRow(grid.getRowIndex(rowidx),false,false,true); // to retain the selected the row style.


FYI… we are using profesional version of Grid.

Could some one give solution for this. Its really urgent.

Thanks in advance,


This happens because of background-color for the certain cell set with hepl of setCellTextStyle method has higher priority then background-color for the selected row. Unfortunately such behaviour cannot be changed.