How to get the other panel's object?


I used layout 3L, let say, “Panel a”, “Panel b”, “Panel c”. Each Panel attach individual URL. Also, “Panel c” has tabbar with “iframs-on-demand”. All Panels and tabbar work fine. But Panel b has some parameters need to pass to Panel c.

How to get “Panel b” object at “Panel c” or reverse? Thanks.



You may parent to get to main window (with layout) from the iframes.

In order to get iframe window you may use the following:

var winPanelB = layout.cells(“b”)._frame.contentWindow;

var winTabbarTab = tabbar.cells(tabId)._frame.contentWindow;

However, as you use “iframes-on-demand” mode, a tab page is loaded anly when thetab is activated. Therefore, you should consider this feature.