How to get the Querystring from serverside


I am using 1.5 professional version DHTMLXgrid.

I need to perform a search and the results are displaying in the Grid.

Here the search criteria and the output columns , i am taking from the UI controls.(Listbox)

So i am not sending anything in the querystring except this

var loadDataURL = “AdvancedSearch.aspx?”;

var queryString = “Search=True”;

loadDataURL += queryString;

request = new Sys.Net.WebRequest();

request.set_executor(new Sys.Net.XMLHttpExecutor());


And in the pageload i am trying to get the search criteria from the listbox control, but the listbox count coming as 0.

Here i cant add the searchcriteria in the querystring while sending from clientside.(30 conditions are present).

how to get the listbox values from this response?

Or suggest me some other approach to get the listbox values?

Please help me.

Thank you in Advance.

but the listbox count coming as 0.
As far as I can see the problem is not related to grid component. The problem is somewhere in your code, which can’t locate the data from custom UI. Most probably the code executed before UI rendered|filled with data.