How to get the section data of a scheduler.

How to get the section data of a scheduler? When we create a units view how can we get the what all units are present in the scheduler later? The unit ids, labels etc.


In your navigator/browser console, I think you could try this to reveal all the set :

console.dir(scheduler._props['<your_unit_view_name>']); // eg. console.dir(scheduler._props['units']);

in case you are planning to modify list of displayed options, you can define them with scheduler.serverList method:scheduler.createUnitsView({ name:"unit", property:"section_id", list:scheduler.serverList("sections", [...sections...]); });then you’ll be able to retrieve or modify them from code://get var sections = scheduler.serverList("sections"); //set scheduler.updateCollections("sections", [ sections...]); … rlist.html … ction.html

In case you are not going to update displayed options, the method suggested by eureka75 should work fine.