How to get the the html object of the grid container?


i have the case where i need to make some custom modificiation of the grid and i need two get the html object of the grid container. Unfortunatelly the id is randomly generated so i can not use document.getElementById(…) because i don’t know the id of the grid container.

The reason i want this is because i have multiple grid on a page and if i change the css code all of the grids will be modified.

So, how can i get a reference to the html object of the grid’s container?

Please, try to use the following code:
mygrid.objBox.parentNode - object of a grid’s container. - id of the grid’s container.


Hope that this will continue to work in the next versions too!

we’re not planning to change the structure of the grid, so the solution should work in future versions of dhtmlxgrid.