How to get time value (not date) in lightbox?

I use this code to get time from the lightbox section

var time = scheduler.formSection(“book_time”).getValue();

and showed error like this :frowning:

TypeError: a is undefined

How can i do to get lightbox time?

Hi @Linnz,
I tried to reproduce your issue, in the following snippet, using our documentation:
and your code fragment, in the following snippet:
I defined the bookTime variable inside the onLightbox/onAfterLightbox to get the book_time value when the lightbox opens/closes. I formatted this value, to show only start-end hours.
So, to see how it works, you should open the console(in developer tools)
and double-click on the task, to open the lightbox, after that, events start-end hours will be displayed in the console.
Unfortunately, I can’t say, what is your issue without the more full example of your code. Could you reproduce the issue in the snippet above, click the share button and send me the link?