How to get value of select filter

I am using dhtmlxSuite v.4.4 free edition.

I have columns Grid with select filter (attachHeader - select_filter), example select:
value: F, label: FIRST
value: S, label: SECOND

the myGrid.getFilterElement(i).selectedIndex return index (for F return 1) and myGrid.getFilterElement(i).value return label (for F return FIRST)
how to get value from filter?


You can use:
to get the value of the select_filter. There is no other value in the filter.
All value-label pairs are in your cells. Filters don’t save that pairs.

I thought it was possible because my xml return:

<coll_options for=“0”>


if i select “Respinto” myGrid.getFilterElement(0).value return “Respinto” instead “7”

but the GET request put the correct value: