How to handle Grid with both datastore and dataprocessor


I am using grid with dataprocessor and datastore and sometimes the data loading can take a while.

I would like to use the XLS and XLE event in order to display a loading GIF but here is my issue, the XLE event is correctly fired but the XLS event is never fired no matter I attach this event to the datastore or to the Grid directly.

I’m using DHTMLX 3.6.

Do you know how to handle this issue ?


Be sure that onXLS event handler is attached before data loading start.
If the issue still occurs, please share the code which you are using for onXLS and data loading.

Your version of DHTMLX is really outdated, consider updating to the latest one.

Thanks, but how can I check exactly when data loading start ?

The part of my code which handle the loading and XLS is the following:

var ps = new dhtmlXDataStore({

    myDP = new dataProcessor("mypage.php");
    /*  ...
        Here is all my Grid declaration
   ... */


 ps.attachEvent("onXLS", function(){

I am very not sure how to use dataprocessor and datastore together !

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Use .load API instead of URL parameter, it will allow controlling the moment when data loading is started.

[code]var ps = new dhtmlXDataStore({

ps.attachEvent(“onXLS”, function(){
ps.load(“data.xml”); //start loading process[/code]

Ok it solved the problem !

Thanks a lot.