How to handle scrollbar in agenda view?


We are trying to print the agenda view directly to printer. We noticed that if there are more records in the result, a scroll bar appears and when printed the records beneath the height of the agenda view does not get printed. So we are planning to display the agenda view in a different independent window without the scroll bar so that the users can print the agenda from that window to printer. As of now, thee height of the agenda view is set by giving a fixed height. The question is how to set the height of this view dynamically so that scroll bar does not appear even if the result set grows.

Please help.

Terence George


For that new window you can try changing style for your document. Basic idea is to set height of document to match whole scheduler’s content and refresh view so scheduler would fit new document size. = 'hidden'; = (scheduler._els['dhx_cal_navline'][0].offsetHeight + scheduler._els['dhx_cal_header'][0].offsetHeight + scheduler._els['dhx_cal_data'][0].childNodes[0].scrollHeight + 2) + 'px'; scheduler.setCurrentView(scheduler.getState().date, scheduler.getState().mode);
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