How to handle server response

I didn’t find any answer in the docs and samples. So maybe someone can help me here ?
I use dhtmlxForm with a single search box input and a submit button.
the input value is used as a parameter in a GET request (w/ dhtmlxAjax.get(url) )
on the target php file, this parameter is used in a SELECT type Mysql query which counts the number of rows et set a php variable $NumRow. Thus, $NumRow value is either 0 (false) or 1 (true).

My question is : how can I get this response (true or false) back to my js file so that I can trigger an new event according to value returned ?

Thanks. Regards

Instead of form submitting you can use dhtmlxAjax to send request and get info without page reloading

myform.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(){ var data = form.getItemValue("input_name"); dhtmlxAjax.get("details.php?for="+data, function(loader){ var response = loader.xmlDoc.responseText; ... any custom logic here ... }) });

where response will contain the output of server side script

It works.
Thank you Stanislav