How to have a custom image for one type of leaves only


I have a tree and I use the icon and image set csh_dhx_skyblue (v3.6).
I would like to use a different image for one type of tree node.
In the documentation it says that the image specified in the XML (im0, im1, im2) are taken from the directory set with tree.setImagePath(…).

The problem is that setting a different image path breaks the tree appearance as even the lines and “pluses” and “minuses” are not found anymore.

How to specify a custom image for a type of tree node while still using the images and aspect of csh_dhx_skyblue for all the rest ?

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  1. the tricky (but very easy) way: you can place all the images you need in specified folder
  2. right way (but more rutin): specify pathes for every item via setItemImage() method