How to hide "Add" button ?

Please help me to hide add button???

I have a seperate myVault for uploading and want to make a saparete one for downloading but without “add button” inside!?

Pleasee people help )))??

There is no ready method to hide it, but you can set files limits (setFilesLimit() method ) via some event

You can hide it via css, but it will be still clickable although not native.

Darya thank you for your reply, but could you please help me hide if with css if it’s possible.
Sure it’s not gonna be problem for you ))

Please, mark on the picture, which of “add” butons you want to hide

here is it. I want to hide “add files” button as far as want to use myVault on page2 just for downloading files from server …and I don’t need any buttons on it ))

Try the next: = "none"; 

bless you god! )))

:slight_smile: You are welcome!