How to hide Grid columns and Gantt chart


Hello, I link p2.mpp file to p1.mpp file through Microsoft project, using its subproject function. However, I found that after importing to dhtmlx, the specific content of p2.mpp will not be displayed, only a summary task. Does dhtmlx support this way of linking project files. Or can dhtmlx support loading multiple MPP files into a project?


Unfortunately, the linked tasks aren’t correctly imported. We are aware of that issue, and the dev team will fix it. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any ETA.
As a workaround, you can try converting your file to XML and import it in Gantt, though it doesn’t always work.

It is possible to import several files in Gantt.
The gantt.importFromMSProject function doesn’t actually remove the data from your chart. Rather, it passes the imported data in a variable in the callback function:
If you don’t use the gantt.clearAll() method, the tasks won’t be removed. Here is an example:


Sorry, I confused this use case with a known bug that was fixed 2 weeks ago. If there were linked tasks (tasks from another file, but not as subprojects), the file was not imported. Now, it works correctly.

Your use case is a little bit different. You load a subproject, but the file should exist on your computer. When the file is missing, there is only the parent task even in MS Project. There is no way to import several tasks simultaneously or give several tasks to the export server. So, that use case shouldn’t be considered as a bug, because it works the same way as in MS Project.

However, I will ask the dev team if it is possible to implement such a feature.


Thank you for your reply. I saw 7.0 released. Is this feature supported? I do n’t know if my current practice is the best practice. The problems I face are:
Colleague X completes a gantt graph A, and Colleague Y completes a gantt graph A. These two Gantt charts are two sub-tasks under the same project task. In dhtmlx, the best practice I hope is to upload these two gantt diagrams, and dhtmlx automatically merges the two gantt diagrams into one gantt diagram. Of course, it is also possible to link the two gantts of A and B in MS Project and then import it into dhtmlx, but now I will encounter the problems I mentioned above. In this way, the two colleagues X and Y can work independently, but they are together after the merger, which is convenient for everyone to work together and for refining their respective tasks. Maybe you have other better practice methods and hope to get your guidance. Thank you.


In MS Project there is access to files on the computer, that’s why you can have linked subtasks that point to a project from a different file.
In Gantt and other Javascript libraries, there is no direct access to the file system on the computer. In these circumstances, it wouldn’t work even in MS Project. In this case, you need to import 3 files in Gantt the same thing you would have done to copy your Project with 2 linked subtasks to another computer that doesn’t have those files.

I think the easiest way for you would be to export everything in one file and load it in Gantt. If you do that with an Excel file, you will lose links, but the file itself can be loaded correctly, you just need to map the fields. And as some tasks will have the same IDs, you need to think about how to fix that, because those tasks will replace other tasks with the same IDs. If those tasks don’t have children, you just need to modify their id parameter. Otherwise, you need to implement a custom solution. For example, you can detect that there is no Start parameter and add some random number to all id and parent parameters. Then you can parse the data. Here is an example of how it might be implemented:
Here is the correct properties map:

However, I reproduced, that subproject tasks are not loaded from the XML file(although it has those files) and added it as a feature request in our internal tracker. The dev team will add it in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.