How to hide only one image in a dhtmlxTree?


I would like to know if I can hide one image in a dhtmlxTree.

I can disabled all image with enableTreeImages but I want to hide some images.

Thank you

You can’t hide image directly, but you can- change image to transparent gif ( can be done through im0-im2 attributes in XML, or tree.setItemImage2 )- change size of image to 1px or 0px ( imwidth, imheight attributes in XML , or tree.setIconSize �)


It works very well with IE but there’s a little problem with Firefox and setIconSize. In fact, I don’t know if it’s a setIconeSize problem or if it’s normal. With IE, I have no space before the text but with Firefox, I have one. As if with firefox, there’s always a space for image whatever image size (tree.setIconSize(1,1,‘glace’); ).


There must not be any difference in setIconSize in both IE and FFIf issue still occurs for you - please provide info for which version of FF and which DOCTYPE issue occurs.

I’m using Firefox 3.0 with this DOCTYPE

Problem confirmed, we will fix it in next version.�To achieve correct result in all browsers with current version, please use command in next way.�tree.setIconSize(“1px”,“1px”,“books”);

It’s work very well!

Thank you for your great responsiveness