How to hide second footer on grid

Here is what I am trying to do with dhtmlxgrid and Export to excel.
I want to attach a 2 footer notes say first footer is “Data confidential” and second footer is “Extra verbage here”
What I would like to do is on the grid display only first footer and hide the second one . However when I export the data to Excel, I would like to add both the footer notes to the spreadsheet.
Here is my code

mygrid.attachFooter(",Data confidential,#cspan,#cspan", ["", “color:red;text-align:left;”]);
mygrid.attachFooter(",Extra verbage here,#cspan,#cspan", ["", “color:red;text-align:left;”]);

Currently both the footers are displayed and get exported. All I want is how to hide the second footer on display but include it in Export

You can’t hide extra footer but you can attach it just before toExcel call and remove just after it by using attachFooter | detachFooter commands.