How to hide tabs zone

Is it possible to hide tabs zone?
I’m able to hide the tabs using a loop on the array returned by tabbar.getAllTabs() but I need to remove completly the space remaining.
I tried to set element (.dhx_tablist_zone) height to 0 and it works but everytime a tab is activated it is reverted to original height.

Can I do it? It is really important :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

What tabbar skin do you use? Will try ti suggest you something.

I’m using the new very cool skin, very usable with fingertips.
I don remember the name but I’m sure you know.
I have a pro license.
Thanks in advance

Sorry, but we need exactly the name of skin. Or could you provide a screenshot of it?

skin: “dhx_terrace”

I wish this helps!

Sorry, there is no possibility.
But you can use layout views instead of it and iterate views with its’ content zones … views.html

Thanks for the answer.

Tabs can be initialized as iframe or iframe-on-demand.
Is it possible to use the “views” in iframe mode?
I cannot find a similar thing for the View.

You need the next:

  1. 1C layout - it will be main area
  2. attach views to this 1C as attachLayout (as in the sample grid and tree are attached)
  3. use attachURL for each of these layouts

A clarification because the nesting you are suggesting to me seems a bit complicated.
Probably I have misanderstood your suggestion.

var dhxLayoutInner = dhxLayout.cells("b").attachLayout("1C");
 //I have an outer layout 2E and we'll work on cell("b")
for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) { 
  var nestedLayout = dhxLayoutInner.cells("a").view(arr[i]).attachLayout("1C");
  // for every element I attach a view containing a new layout 1c ?

Can you explain better this:
attach views to this 1C as attachLayout (as in the sample grid and tree are attached)


I meant posted link with a sample in previous post.
Here is a code sample:


html,body { height: 100%; margin: 0px; overflow: hidden; }

Thank you Daria,
When you use the method setActive() to “activate” a view, do you expect that the view is reloaded as the first time?

I have 2 views, I start to compile a form, then I activate the other view to look at something.
When I return to the first view do you expect to retrieve the form compiled?

Thanks in advance

I made a test.
Every time I call .setActive() it reloads all the assets and page as it was the first time.
The Tabbar, in iframe mode is not acting this way.
An I doing something wrong?

:frowning: it’s tought to find a solution!

You will have the same result with tabbar: all the views, which come active (both layout and tabbar) will be reloaded to the beginning state. It is a correct behaviour because it is browser irames behaviour. It is not dhtmlx.

I think there is a misanderstanding.

The method tabbar.setTabActive(tabId); activate the tab without reloading content. This happens when the tabbar is in iframe or iframe-on-demand mode.

It is one of the oldest functionality I fall in love with :slight_smile:
I’m sure about it.

To test the functionality go there: … rames.html

select a word, change tab and return the previous one. The selection remains.


Oh, sorry, mixed some things…
So, you have 2 ways: any time reload views or usu tabs…