How to hide the labels section on the left of timeline?

In the above screenshot I need to hide the section inside blue box. How do I do that? I tried using scheduler.timeline.dx = 0, but that shrinks that section upto a point but not completely; and it also messes up the alignment with top scale.


Please, clarify about the functionality you want to implement. It’s a bit strange question, because events displayed according to their sections in the timeline view. Why do you want to hide them?

Actually think of it like a Week view where there is only one time axis, the x-axis. In actual Week view both axes are time but with different granularity. In our case we just need time on x-axis and the y-axis is laid out similar to timeline.

So, to achieve that we used timeline view, but the caveat is that the section labels on y-axis is unwanted for us. There is no harm in showing the labels but our requirement is not to show that; possibly because that will free up more real estate on the calendar.

So you need to set dx value to 0 and hide scale’s cell with css-class “dhx_matrix_scell”.

Thanks will try this.