How to hide the `scheduler.templates.day_scale_date`

I want to hide the scheduler.templates.day_scale_date on the DayView template as it is a repeat of the header block.

This does not work --> scheduler.templates.day_scale_date = false;

And I can’t do it via CSS as it also hides the scale on the Week and Month (which I want to display). The id/class is not unique on the Day View.

This works, but I would prefer to be able to hide the surrounding content block border as well:
scheduler.templates.day_scale_date = function(date){ return ''; };

How do you do it?

I searched the documentation high and low for an example but could not locate one.

Thank you.

you can remove this element in day view only, leaving other modes unchanged:

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeViewChange", function(old_mode,old_date,mode,date){ if(mode == "day"){ // hide date scale in day mode scheduler.xy.scale_height = 0; } else{ // show show it in other modes scheduler.xy.scale_height = 20; } return true; });
and css, will be active only in ‘day’ mode :

.dhx_scheduler_day .dhx_cal_header{ display:none; }
demo: … other.html … event.html

Perfect, thank you.