How to hide tool tips (dhx_year_tooltip) besides bootstrap model

Hi every one,
Can anyone solve this problem? I am using a bootstrap model and its z index about 1000 but still, I get tooltips on a popup. Please have a look at the following image.

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Looks like you just need to change z-index of some element on the page.
To get a help, please reproduce the issue from the screenshot using the snippet tool then click on the Share button and send me the updated link.

Hi @Polina,
This is the snippet DHTMLX Snippets
I attached a problem and click on the circle button which open model.

However, I can use jquery .hide() with the class name to resolve issue, but do you have any better option?


You can call private method scheduler._hideToolTip() to solve the issue

Here is an updated snippet:

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Thanks It works.