How to hide zero values in a treegrid math column

I am using the math column in a treegrid and many of the children rows have zero values. Would prefer that these zero values are not displayed. When you have a lot of other columns with non-zero values, it is difficult for the eye to differntiate those columns with values from those with zero values.

I tried providing no value for the cell but this causes the cell boundry lines to be excluded; a visual effect that makes the grid seem disorganized. Trying a space or other non-numeric keeps the cell boundry lines but now the parent rows with =sum now show NaN.

I finally tried setting the style=“color:white” when the value is zero. This makes the cell boundry lines appear and the parent rows now show the proper =sum results. The downside is, if the cell background color changes, the zeros would become visible and the server generating the XML does not have knowledge of what the background color may be. Another curious effect occurs when printing the page (from IE); the zero values are printed as light silver, which kind of defeats the style effect.

Can you suggest a way to get the columns to not show zero values in cells, keep the cell boundry lines, and not be shown when the page is printed?

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Using 90226

To hide zero values your cell should be “ro” or “ed” type.