How to implement auto complete feature in DHTMLXGrid's combo

We are creating Dhtmlxgrid combo but it doesn’t contain the feature of autocomplete like in dhtmlxCombo.Coding wise we are creating option-value pair through a Jsp Page .e.g

ColumnLable ... ...

So here option-value pair gets loaded once when grid gets loaded.When we click on cell’s of that column dropdown appears.Please suggest how to implement autocomplete in this scenario .Find the screenshot attached.


Check … cell_combo

<column type=“combo” source=“GetOptionvaluePair.jsp” auto=“true” >ColumnLable

Thanks Stanislav for your valuable reply ,can you tell about this auto-complete functionality wise .Is it similar to DhtmlxCombo’s auto-complete ?

suppose column having data
whenever I am putting 1 ,it showing all data starting from 1 but when I am putting 11 its not showing data(all combination starting from 11) e.g
still its showing all data stating from 1.
Kindly suggest

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, have a look at the following working example: … combo.html
If issue still occurs - please, provide a sample of your code or a demo link where the issue can be reconstructed.

Thanks sematik again “Integration with dhtmlxCombo” is looking good as per requirement but at coding level I am not getting in detail i.e how the columns are being created?,how integration is done at coding level?.

Source code provided for demo is just to add library files and initialization of dhtmlxgrid .Please provide some code(In Detail) in this scenario through which I can understand and implement .

Thanks & Regards,

Excuse me. I’m not sure that understood you correctly. Couldn’t you clarify what code do you need exactly.

Hi sematik ,
I need example of folllowing :-
1-How columns(Filtering Mode,Selectbox Mode,AutoComplete Mode) are being created in demo( … combo.html)

2-How the option-value pair are prepared and where to put these.Currently we are putting option-value pair in e.g
<column type=“combo” source=“GetOptionvaluePair.jsp”…>columnName and GetOptionvaluePair.jsp is returning the option value pair.

This is what I was asking in detail.Please provide the example so that I can proceed.

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The was defined as


Filtering Mode one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
<column width="150" type="combo" editable="false" source="../common/data.xml" align="left" sort="str">Selectbox Mode</column>

<column width="150" type="combo" source="../13_interaction_other_components/php/complete.php" auto="true" cache="true" align="left" sort="str">
	Autocoplete Mode


(2) It is different for different columns in the above demo, for thirst column they was included in configuration , in second loaded from external file and in third they are loaded dynamically from server side script.

You may check … cell_combo