How to include licensed library in angular app

I have licensed zip gantt library. Don’t know how to include in my project. Since i can’t use NPM.
Please help

Hello Prakash,
There 2 ways of how to install Gantt in Angular: by using/creating an npm package or by including the Javascript and CSS files on the page.

1.Install the Pro version as an npm package.
We don’t have an NPM package of the Pro version. But you can install Gantt as an NPM package the following way:

  1. Unpack Gantt to a specific folder, for example, to /opt/gantt_pro
  2. If your Gantt version is 6.1.x, you need to replace the package.json file with the following one:
  3. Use the following command to install Gantt:
npm install /opt/gantt_pro

You can read more about installation methods in the following article:

2.Include Javascript and CSS files on the page.
Another way to use Gantt in Angular is to include its files in the HTML page. It works the same way when you use Gantt in a regular HTML page.
Here is the demo: