How to Insert 2byte character in DB to use DataProcessing?

I refactoryed dhtmlxConnector Sample source for use Oracle at JAVA.

i tested /grid/04_custom_sql.html file.
insert , update , delete process is good work.
but 2 byte character is Not completely.

english and number is ok

2 byte character is not good.
korean, japenese , chinese…

plz. let me know insert 2 char?

I add my Eclips Source file. (519 KB)

Can you add some logging to your code and check on which stage issue occurs
There are may be two reasons

a) client->server encoding problem
The client side encode data as UTF-8, and if server don’t use it as default encoding, it may process incoming data as different encoded one, which may lead to the problems.

b) database encoding problems
Client side data will be transfered in DB as UTF, and if you are using DB with different collation - it may lead to problems.

Thanks, Stanislav

I checked my source file and html file.

grid/04_custom_sql.html : UTF-8
all java source file : UTF-8

and I used tomcat 6.0
my server.xml setting is like that

So, i debugging code. i found it.
protected void parse_request(){
if (dynloading)
request.set_limit(0, dynloading_size);

	if (http_request.getParameter("editing")!=null)
		editing = true;
	if (http_request.getParameter("ids")!=null)
		editing = true;
	HashMap<String,String> data = new HashMap<String,String>();

360: Map map = http_request.getParameterMap();

when call http_request.getParameterMap() , 2byte char word already broken.

i can’t find solution. help me.

Try the next

a) on client side, for related dataprocessor add the next line


b) if it doesn’t help, remove the above line and replace dhtmlxcommon.js with the attached one (6.84 KB)