How to insert a new field value to database when a custom s


i have created a custom section inorder to add two text fields and a hidden field in the event window of dhtmlxscheduler by referring the samples given in custome_detail_form. The script is as follows:



            return “








            ev.location = node.childNodes[4].value;

            return node.childNodes[1].value;



            var a=node.childNodes[1];; a.focus();




        { name:“description”, height:200, map_to:“text”, type:“textarea” , focus:true},

{name:“recurring”, height:115, type:“recurring”, map_to:“rec_type”, button:“recurring”},

{ name:“detail”, height:80, type:“my_editor” , map_to:“my_editor”, focus:false},

        { name:“time”, height:72, type:“time”, map_to:“auto”}    


now i want to get the customer entered text field value in the server side (in java code) . And want to insert these values in database through insert_query () function .what modification are to be made in code for inserting a new field values to the database.

thank you



please see the article … foreupdate

If you want to save location field, the code can be the following:

class updateBehavior extends ConnectorBehavior{
     private GridConnector conn;
        public updateBehavior(GridConnector conn){
            this.conn = conn;
    public void beforeUpdate(DataAction action) {
        String location = data.get_value(“location”);
        String id = data.get_value(“id”);
        conn.sql.query(“UPDATE some_table SET location=’”+location+"’ where id="+id);
conn.event.attach(new updateBehavior(conn));