How to insert link for column header

I need to insert hyperlink for column header. I have done something like this. But it throws me syntax errors. I think it is syntax problem in passing parameters.Below is the code:

pn=“Patient Name”

Response.Write “<script type=”“text/javascript”">"
 Response.Write “var i=’<?xml version=\""1.0\"" encoding=\""UTF-8\""?>”

Response.Write “<column width=”“100"” type=“txt”“align=”“left”" color="“white”" sort="“na”">" & _
        “<![CDATA[<a href=""javascript:Sort("""& pn &""","""& ASC &""")& pn  &"]]>”

Response.write “’;”

Please let me know whether the syntax of passing parameters is correct

Please check … 741&a=3620

The sample given in the link is for static xml but i want the syntax for dynamic xml. For static xml code works fine but for dynamic it is not. Please suggest me the syntax

There is no difference between static and dynamic XML, while your ASP code build the string in the same format grid will treate incoming data exactly the same ( it doesn’t matter is xml static or dynamic if it has correct structure and served with correct content type )

Please tell me the whether syntax used by me is correct? If so why am I getting errors? Please suggest

Please provide the exact response generated by your ASP code

Invalid Argument

Please suggest the syntax ASAP

I have tried all possible ways. But I am not successful. Please help me out.

I’m not pretty sure, but the next line
  "<![CDATA[<a href=""javascript:Sort("""& pn &""","""& ASC &""")& pn  &"]]>"
probably need not be written as
  “<![CDATA[<a href=""javascript:Sort("""& pn &""","""& ASC &""")" & pn  &"]]>”