how to know what cell has been changed after resizing width?

I wanna to save columns width after each resizing.

I found ‘onResizeEnd’ event. so I can detect when resizing cell width.

but which cell has been resized is still problem.

anyone help me for this?

Unfortunately you may only get the resizing column from the onResize event: … event.html

I am using 3.6 version.

I just added ‘onResize’ event on my grid and dragging motion is not working after added event setting.

I can’t see that motion of dragging but I can get cell index or width. just can’t see drag motion.

mygrid.attachEvent(“onResize”, function(cInd,cWidth,obj){});

i just copy from this site. is It cause of difference of version?

please, try to return “true” in your event to confirm the resizing:

mygrid.attachEvent("onResize", function(cInd,cWidth,obj){ return true; });

thank you so much!!

u save me. thanks a lot!!