How to know what version of dhtmlx scheduler


I’m working on a project with an old version of dhtmlx Scheduler. There is no reference in the code (date or version) git repo has been created after it was imported and nobody know anything about. Is there a repo where I could compare files?

Is there a way to know what version is currently in the web application and if it would be possible to update scheduler to a newer version?

My guest is its been a long time since last update.


Can you check if there is a version comment at the beginning of dhtmlxscheduler.js?

It looks like this:

If there is no version number - looks like your version of dhtmlxScheduler is indeed quite old, since the versions were specified since v4.1.0 (Jun 2016)

You can try checking the library version from the browser console,
if you execute scheduler.version it should output the version number:



This property was added a long time ago, so most likely your version also has it.
If nothing helps - just PM me your dhtmlxscheduler.js, most likely I’ll be able to tell something.

As for the code repository - you can check previous versions on github
However, only GPL (free) builds are published there, and only starting from v4.0.

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Thanks got it with the scheduler.version its 3.5.0!


However, the update to the latest version should be possible and not necessary to be difficult.
There were no major shifts in API. Unless you’ve modified the source code or have customization that relies on internal api, there shouldn’t be too many issues
Here are migration notes

One noticeable change will be regarding the UI skin
Most likely, your scheduler uses either “Classic” or “Glossy” skin, which both have been deprecated and removed from the package

If you’re unsure what skin is used, you can check “Classic” and “Glossy” skins here please note that this skin builder tool is also obsolete, I only use it to show how old skins look like.
If you have one of those, you’ll probably have to switch to another skin
And if there are substantial css customizations - they may have to go, or will have to be redone according to the new UI scheme.

Overall, if you’re thinking about the update, it should be doable.
For a quick check, you can request an evaluation version of the component ( and just try replacing js and css files of the scheduler with the latest versions. I suggest the evaluation version and not a free one (GPL), because some features were moved to the paid versions since 3.5 (

With any luck, it will just continue working:)

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You are awesome thanks!