How to know whether a save/updated request was send?

Notice the following two events:

  1. The user clicked “save button” in ligthbox
  2. The users dragged the event from one hour to another

Where I live, the internet connection is too intermittent, then, in you triggered the events above the events will be rendered correctly in the scheduler, however this is a big problem because the request to save the new data to the database never arrived, in consequence the scheduler is displaying “fake” data.

I would like to know if you have any idea on how to avoid this situation. I was planning showing a message to notify the user about a connection problem, and finally, don’t let the scheduler to render the event in the new location.

Showing a message about connection issues could be resolved (at first impression) with a javascript function making a request every couple of seconds. But, how about to avoid event rendering when there is not connection? Thank so much in advance

if you use dhtmlx dataProcessor for saving changes, you can add listener to this event … event.html
It will trigger in case of ajax error during saving the update.

You can also use the events of the dataProcessor itself. They fire when AJAX response is recieved, but may contain server errors … event.html

Hello Aliaksandr, I followed you advice. The things are getting better because now with the help of events I am showing up alert messages to guide the user. Thank you so much.