How to layout tab cell

In a single cell of a tabbar I want to have some heading text followed by grid. I have tried to setContentHTML followed by attachGrid. However the HTML content does not appear. It seems like the Grid attaches at the top left of the tab cell and overwrites anything else that is there.

Please can you tell me how I should do this.



it is impossible to use two “attach” methods in the same cell. You may attach 2E layout into the tab and place text into the “a” cell by attachHTMLString method, grid - to “b”. The headers of layout cells can be hidden by hideHeader() method.

Thanks for that Alexandra. The only problem with adding layouts is that each time I tend to lose some space on the screen.

I tried putting HTML content into the tab with 2 divs. The first div had the text and then I attached the grid to the 2nd div. That seemed to work fine too.