How to layout Tree and Grid to fill both horizontally and ve

Hi all,

I’m using basic Tree and Grid releases.

I would like to know how to tell my two components to fill both horizontally and vertically the page where they are located.

Consider that I have a tree on the left and a grid on its right.

The tree has a fixed width, the grid has variable width, but I’m not able to adjust their height to fill the page.

Could you give me some hints?

Thanks in advance and best regards


Have you tried to use height:100% style for the tree’s and grid’s containers?

Yes I’ve tried!

However I create tree in this way:

var tree = new dhtmlXTreeObject(treeId, “100%”, “100%”, repositoryId);

Other hints?

Best regards


in case of dhtmlXTreeObject(treeId, “100%”, “100%”, repositoryId) tree occupies the whole container (treeId). So, please check the treeId container has desired style.