How to let go to bottom of data and to the last row ...

Hi ,

how to let to grid at the first time loading to go to the latest row and bottom line of grid ? Something like I can manually to do clicking Ctrl+End . But maybe exist other way ? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

You may try to do the following:
var count=mygrid.getRowsNum();
var rowID=mygrid.getRowId(count-1);

the techique is incompatible with dynamic loading of data.

Oh, sorry … I forgot to mention that I use dinamic loading … Maybe something similar exist and for dinamic ?

In case of dynamic loading the “visible row” is defining in XML:

<rows total_count="x" pos="y"> <row id="xx"> <cell> ... </cell> </row> </rows>
pos - use with smart rendering with dynamical loading to tell the grid position of the first row.
So, “y” - index of the first visible row.

Many thanks ! I’ll try that and let you know how success …