How to limit "onRowSelect" only to text in cell?

I have column, where the text in the cells is underlined:


on this grid onRowSelect is defined and if user clicks on the underlined text (like a URL) it will navigate him to a different page (done with JavaScript). But I would like to limit this operation to the text itself. So if user clicks on the white space around the text, we will not do the operation.

How to achieve that?

For the onRowSelect event it is not available.
You may use the template for your column, adding a needed event with action to the cell content:

We use version 3.5. Does this version contain “template”?

I see. My apologies for misleading you.
In you case you may try to use the “link” column type, which completely covers your desired functionality:
Or you may create your own custom column type containing the needed html with the needed actions:

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perfect, thank you :slight_smile: