how to load a shared ical calendar

I am using baikal server for hosting calendars online

I am trying to load all the appointments on this server with the scheduler. I was told I could use

unfortunately I keep getting Status Code:401 Unauthorized. I do need to provide a username and password to access this calendars ICS files. How can I provide credentials?

I have tried the below and received the same error

Any ideas?

There is no way to inplement it using DHTMLX Scheduler.
You need to create a script on the server which will request ical, authorize somehow, load file and give it back to responce query. Login and password will be stored on the server. And this script should be requested on url in scheduler.load().

I.e. there will be no authorisation on the client side.

So I can’t provide you with more details how to implement it. The main idea is that you should implement authorization on the server and then Scheduler will request the data.