How to Load CSV file into the Grid

I have installed the codes today, and we are facing the problem to load the CSV files into the Grid. Im using the following codes to get the CSV file into grid.


Add Row Remove Row [/code]

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Thanks for your reply. but still we are getting the output…



Perhaps csv import ist only available in Pro version? Or try “loadCSVFile()”…

And include ‘dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js’…

I think there is some glitch in your code. Please verify with these instructions The dhtmlxgrid method to load a csv into the grid is .loadCSVString(). The method to load an xml file is .loadXML(). The method to create a csv string with the current grid content is .serializeToCSV(). The method to create an xml with the current grid content is .serialize()

It should be fixed your issue which you are facing.