How to load events from my own database


Hi!..I am trying to create a web app for a school project and this is the best free plugin I’ve found so far. The problem is that I need to load events from my own database. Basically what I want to do is I want to organize games and I am using a Postgres as a DBMS. So my table would be something like Game(starting_hour, ending_hour, date and some other info) and what I would like to do is to use the scheduler just for displaying purposes (setting it as read-only) and actually input that data using a form and rendering the scheduler again every time a new game is added but I can’t seem to find how to load an event without using XML but my own database instead.

I’ve been reading and I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the concepts of connector, dataprocessor, templates, etc…I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeally appreciate some help with this matter. Thanks for your help!



Do you use wordpress/joomla plugin version?

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Nope :frowning:


As you need only show data - you can skin connectors and use simple php (or any other server side script) script as data source

You script will need to read data from DB and output it as XML text ( or as JSON - if its more simple in your case )

Format of xml can be checked here … ntegration

On client side you only need to use



I also encountered with same problem. As I search for the problem there are many suggestions but not a single suggestion worked. i am unable to load events from my own database. i don’t know about the events but to load games growtopia free accounts is the best. you can even earn money on it.


Hello, @tampeta!

Did you read the section “How to Start with dhtmlxScheduler”?
There are some useful tutorials, that describe how to use Scheduler together with different server-side platforms.

If you’ve applied the solutions above, can you tell me, what kind of difficulties do you face?