How to load radio value ?

In this sample … _load.html ,

If I add radio button code in the formData object ,
{type: “radio”, name: “plugins”, label: “Install into home directory” , position: “label-right” , checked: true },
{type: “radio”, name: “plugins”, label: “Install into application directory” , position: “label-right” },

How can I load it’s value after button click ? :smiley:

Thank you

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radiobutton group have same name but different values, i.e.

{type: "radio", name: "plugins", value: "p1", label: "Install into home directory"... }, {type: "radio", name: "plugins", value: "p2", label: "Install into application directory"... }

then xml should be

<data> ... <plugins>p1</plugins> </data>


<data> ... <plugins>p2</plugins> </data>

Thanks a lot .
It worked .