How to load table based on specific sql criteria to grid?


I have a sql database and I want to load and reflect information based on logged in users user_id’s row of table. For more explanation, imagine I have a mysql playlist table containing user’s mp3 urls and each url marked by a user id.
example–> | id_index | user_id | mp3_url |.

How do I change the dataProcessor(“connector.php”); in order to show specific information to the each of users separately based on their user id ? Moreover, I don’t want to filter information in the client side because of the large amount of data and security issues.
At present time in my website I do this by a simple and classic mysql query. I want to migrate from my old site to the dhtmlxgrid. Hoveever this is one of the most common use of grids in the net. I didn’t find an explicit example in the samples in this regard.

Thanks for your help.