How to load the data dynamically in scheduler using load method

i am using below code to load the data dynamically, but no events are rendering and after load method call it is removing the existing events

scheduler.load("/Home/LoadEvents?param1=" + x+ “&Date=” + date);
public ContentResult LoadEvents(string address, string Date, string Lat, string Long, string Zip)

        //here getting the eventsobj
        var events = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(eventsobj);
        //var data = new SchedulerAjaxData(events);
        return Content(events);

from the above method i am returning the events data but events not showing in the scheduler


EnableDynamicLoading doesn’t work for the Scheduler. This method is from dhtmlx Menu component

There is setLoadMode method which enables the dynamic loading in Scheduler and set the mode that allows loading data by parts. Please use it to solve the issue.

Hi Polina,
I have tried the above solution but still i am getting the same issue.
actually my requirement is when ever a user select a date i need to do a ajax call to server and refresh the events in all views of the scheduler, so is it possible using scheduler.load or anything else needed?.
i have tried making a ajax call and loading the data using scheduler.parse(events,“json”) also but still not working.

as far as I see you serialize data to JSON on your own. The problem may be in date formats when the Scheduler cannot parse the format that comes from the server. If you post a sample of data that comes from your server, I can confirm that and suggest a solution.
Please read in the article:
Follow the instructions described in these paragraphs and post your results in this thread:

  • Check what is requested by the client
  • Check what is returned from the server
  • Check what is loaded into the Scheduler