How to Maintain the Parent-child relationship in the dhtmlxw

Hi Team,

Now i need to open a new dhtmlxwindow from a existing a dhtmlxWindow. Then how can i maintain the parent child relationship. Because if i need to close the parent then the child window will be automatically closed.

Please guide me for this situation.

Thanks in advance.




What struct do you mean? window-in-window?
For the moment windows does not have any parent-child relationships. You should check it manually.

no, let consider this is situation,

First i open a dhtmlxwindow1(parent)  in some x,y,h,w position. and load a grid in that window which contains all the students name .

and each student row , there is a “fulldetails” image in a cell. by click this cell, i open a another dhtmlxwindow2(child to dhtmlxwindow1) in the some different x,y,h,w position. and this window contains all the information abt the particular student.

So we can close the dhtmlxwindow2 in individual by clicking close icon in the right corner.

But if i close the dhtmlxwindow1, then its child - dhtmlxwindow2 will also closed… this is what i want.

I think, now u understood my needed things.

please provide me the solution with example source


Unfortunately windows do not allow to render such type of relationships. All opened windows are do not affect to other when closed.