How to make a single horizontal chart?

the goal is to make a single row bar chart showing the budget, how much was spent, and what is remaining

what are these numbers like #sales# or #year#? where are they defined?

i want the bar to show from 0 to 10000, and then based on the value? its got one color like green and the rest of it has some other color like grey.

if $5000 was spent it would be a bar with the first half green the second grey. and hopefully some graticules or markers along the bottom like a standard chart.

it doesnt work well, so far? it prints the box, empty, then underneath is one part like the x axis then below that another part, so there are 4 or 5 sections it put instead of putting them onto the same area.

i do have the gantt chart installed and working, not sure if there are conflicts or ?

what should be downloaded and installed for the chart to work? where does it go?

You can try attached demo (407 KB)

wow!! that exactly what I hoped to make! thanks

I will try to install to the mvc project and see if it works there. the last one would not overlay the parts of the chart but put them separate

what is the instance called? how to i call this?

i got it working. had 2 functions with the same name. thanks again!

You are welcome!