How to make an page with scheduler in it?

Hi all,
my problem is as follows: I made the changes I need in a sample file dhtmlxScheduler\samples\05_calendar\in_form.html in a way that conforms my needs, and it functions perfect. Now, when I wanted to transfer it to page in my application, I get an error (IE says that _object is null or something like that).

Obviously, I need something else to include in

Paths to scripts are pointing to scripts folder of my application. What else should I include, I guess that many files from codebase folder are required for that.

Please give me suggestion on what are the files needed to be included in order to have the application running properly.

Thank you in advance,
Nebojsha Brindic

There is no need to extra js files ( the same file which works for static html page will work for asp page as well )

Be sure that

a) page uses Standard mode of IE ( full doctype presents )
b) init code of scheduler called after placing html markup on the page ( to be safe - you can run it from page onload event )