How to make the Scheduler Responsive

How can I enable the Scheduler to be Responsive like the site demo

Please clarify, what do you mean by “site demo” ?
Scheduler reflects size of its parent container, which means it will resize to browser it container has size as 100%. It is default behavior.

I have been able to make the scheduler responsive by hiding elements based on media sizes. However the big issue is the Lightbox. Lightbox seems to have a set size that is much larger than a mobile screen. How can one make the lightbox reponsive to fit a mobile screen?

please check these demos:

A while ago we’ve published a small tutorial on how to make scheduler mobile friendlier,
Here is a walktrough on implementation: … blets.aspx

All customizations are made on the client side so while it’s published in dhtmlxScheduler for ASP.NET blog, it will work for JS dhtmlxScheduler as well.


Is something available for the JS Scheduler?


Unfortunately no.
If you need, you can update the styles of particular elements like for example date in header. But in general JS Scheduler can be used on all devices without difficulties, because sizes of all elements are calculated dynamically basen on the size of the Scheduler container.
Please check also the article Touch Support in dhtmlxScheduler