How to make user bloking

Hi all,

I need help to undestand how to make a user logon block for the schedulers events, so only the user who make the event can change it or erase it.
I try to create a “user” field in the lightbox but I could not make it read only.

Is there any easy way to do this?


Check “shared events” sample included in the package - it implements the similar use case.

I solved using the next logic I found in other post

[code] function allow_own(id){
var ev = this.getEvent(id);
if (ev == undefined)
return true;
return ev.user == currentuser;


This functionality will provide different behaviors for different users on the client side, but be sure to dupplicate the checks on server side as well, because it possible to alter logic of client side code through firebug-like tools.