How to manage CRUD operations

Hi ! I read this section of the documentation, which is not clear at all.

How can I save custom data such as color, textColor and name into the database ?

When I create a new event, only description and dates are saved.

Thanks a lot !

most of our samples and tutorials uses ORMs for data access layer. The recent ones uses Entity Framework, the rest is on LinqToSql.
In both cases, in order to store custom properties you need to make sure that the data class contains properties for a custom columns, and that these properties are mapped to the table columns correctly.
In LinqToSql you can simply add columns to the db table, delete old linq2sql classes and create new ones by dragging a table from Server Explorer into Linq to SQL class designer.

After that the custom values will be loaded to the client-side, and the changes received from the client will be saved to the database (since the code snippets updates all properties of an objects it won’t require any changes after you add couple of new properties)