how to manage custom data


My test configuration of the scheduler loads events data from mysql database. The events table also contain some custom data (columns) like user_id or status. The extra data is not required to be part of a lightbox - user should not be able to modify those - but I need the application to access it in certain moments.

My question is - how can I access the custom data to read and set those and then save to the database? I could not find relevant information in the docs nor in the samples - but maybe I just could not find it… Or is it not possible maybe?

Many thanks in advance!


ok, it was THAT simple I did not think about it :wink:

//read a value of the custom field var value = scheduler.getEvent(event_id).db_column_name; // and/or set the custom field value scheduler.getEvent(event_id).db_column_name = value;

I hope this helps someone…