How to manage multiple tables using gannt


First , Is possible to gantt use for two different tables like category and subcategory.

I am working with a project which is at complete phase now i want to implement the gantt chart but i am not understanding how to solve the problem.

I want data fetch from 2 different tables like

  1. project


  1. task

Now I want to fetch data from these tables structure but i got error.
and apply all the CRUD operations
Please give me solutions.

The selecting is rather easy - you can use connector with render_sql - in render sql you can use any sql code which will allow the necessary dataset. If it can’t be done with sql - you can use any custom code to build an array of the data and user render_array command with such array.

Data updating may be a bit more problematic, but still relative easy. Connector provides a set of server side events, so you can assign a custom code for each type of operation ( update, insert, delete ).

Thank You

Please let me know the code or connectors use for update insert delete.

PHP … _an_action

Java … _an_action

.Net … ex_queries


The links you’ve provided (only looked at PHP) do not work with the Gantt connector as far as I can tell.

Connector API and server side API are common for all components. So it must work for connector as well as for any other component

If some scenario doesn’t work in your case - please share the problematic code.