How to migrate DHTMLX 4.4 version to 7.3


We are currently using DHTML4.4 version in our application but due to some vulnerabilities, we are planning to migrate to latest version of DHTMLX library.

Currently, our grid rendering grid is based on XML data format but in the latest suite I found most of the examples of JSON format only.

I reviewed most of the documents of migration but I could not find documents by which I can migrate our current version to the latest version.

Please help me to migrate to the latest version.


Since the 6.0 update dhtmlxSuite has a new set of the components and a completely new API due to the new modern engine.
Unfortunately there is no possibility to use the functionality of the older version of the dhtmlxSuite in the 7.3 version. In this case you will have to completely rebuild your app.


We are using the license version of Dhtml library and using different components of it.

Before rewriting and going to full support, want to clarify a few questions

  • For specific to the grid, we are using XML structure of and base as DHTML was supporting it previously so will it work now with Json or even we have to change the format of it?
  • Do all the features of version 4 still exist in the latest version or not?


I spend some time to evaluate this, too.
There are some features that handicaps our migration (we have 5.2 pro).
By example there is no full support for custom filter elements, yes there is a sample, but it works only in this simple version. If you want to combinate this with “default” filter elements you have to do some workarounds…
Currently I try to aktivate both v5 and v7 at the same time, so we can use old and new grids on the same page (not same time), thats looks currently good.

At the best you written a prototype report with the new version with all your needed function activated and then I’m curious what features you are missing :slight_smile: