How to navigate in a year view while displaying 3 month?


I am using year view to display 3 month in one row.

At the moment it only displays January, February, March. How can I display for example: April,May,June?


There is no easy solution to add 3 months while navigation in the year view. Such functionality is required changing of the source code in dhtmlxscheduler_year_view.js extension.

Implementing that functionality would take more than half of hour, so I can’t do it within a support. Please contact our sales team if you want us to do a custom development for you.

Hi Polina,

Thank you for your reply. After some digging I found a workaround by overriding the call to dhx_cal_prev_button and dhx_cal_next_button.

Here is the code for the prev button

function prevClick(){
var currentDate = scheduler.getState().date;

  var prevDate =, -1, "month"); = function(date){
       return this.month_start(date);
  scheduler.init('NOTR_CALE', prevDate, "year");

It is not really neat but it does the job.


Thank you for the workaround, maybe it will be useful for someone.